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$110 USD
$95.00 USD

$62 USD
$47.00 USD

Transportation with air conditioning

5 hours approximately

The Xnack to delight with these delicious snacks and gain energy (with extra cost).

Open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Half day tour, two shifts to choose 09:00 or 14:00 hours.

  • Pick-up point
    In your Hotel
  • Activities
    Round trip, Experience in Xenses park.
  • What´s Included
  • Reservation Tax
  • Features
    You should bring your purchase receipt printed. Use swimsuit, water shoes and comfortable clothes; bring en extra change and a towel. Your sunscreen, repellent and bronzer can only contain titanium oxide and zinc oxide for the use in the park. Remember to bring cash or card to buy souvenir from your visit or an original snack


El Rehilete welcomes you to the fantastic world of Xenses

Here you will find fun places where you can get unique and original photos

From here, you can go to the snack area and to the entrance of the different circuits of attractions and activities

The starting point for a fantastic day! Path of Dwarves and Giants surprise your sense of logic with a fun perspective along a path where, depending on where you stand, you can see yourself too tall or too small, everything will depend on the eye with which you look

Xensatorium, a journey in complete darkness in which through perceptions, aromas, sensations and sounds you can recognize and feel seven different ecosystems

Let yourself be guided by your instinct and all your senses while enjoying this unusual journey

Labyrinth of Underground Arteries, as you leave the Xensatorium you will pass through grottos and caves with impressive rock formations

Eden, a space of contemplation in which you will appreciate the true magic of nature

A natural setting with a spectacular view that will make you feel in complete harmony with you and your surroundings

Xítrico Garden If life gives you lemons, enjoy a delicious lemonade! Discover the benefits of nature in an unexpected way

The Heartbeat, share a fun and harmonious moment in this space that will make you feel unique

The town, Have fun visiting a town where you will not know if you go up or down

Try to keep your balance while discovering the magic inside a house upside down or in a neighborhood

Here all you have to do is let yourself go because whatever your reason says may not make any sense

But yes, laughter and fun can not miss

The Bedroom, Discover amazing unique scenarios where you can get fun pictures

The Breath, If taking a break is what you need, there is no better place than the Breath, a space where you can relax your body and senses while contemplating nature

Lie down in a hammock and take a break

Slide, Slide at full speed on an exciting slide that will take you on a refreshing descent to an unexpected end

Bird Flight, Meet the feeling of total freedom while enjoying a horizontal flight in a unique and different zip line

Free yourself, feel the breeze of the wind and enjoy the trip! Xpá Natural Riolajante, Challenge gravity and get carried away in this river of special salts that will make you float and relax while you connect with your interior

Lodorama, ConsENT your skin and enjoy your sense of touch to the fullest while traveling a river of mud that will cover you from head to toe

A party for your senses! Special mixture of clays

Rain, Funny water jets that will revitalize you and make you feel like new! Canicódromo, Marvel at an incredible circuit where you can observe thousands of marbles pass around you in all directions in a curious system that will blow your mind and entertain you for hours

Xnack, They say that "hungry stomach has no ears" so take a break to listen to what your body needs and satisfy your craving in our Xnack, where you will not only find delicious snacks that will calm your hunger, but a fun and creative place that will leave you with the square eye

Gift shop, In addition to keeping memories in your memory, it is always pleasant to take something home to revive your experience

in the Gift shop you will find all kinds of objects that will entertain you and stimulate your creativity and imagination; And not only that, you will also find something for all the special people with whom you want to share this unforgettable experience

Important information:

Approximate duration of 5 hours

Visitors with a disability should always be accompanied by a family member or friend that can assist them at all times

Activities not recommended for people with heart problems, fear of heights, claustrophobia or that gets dizzy easily, that have a recent surgery, back pain or weight over 136 kg

the zipline requires a minimum height of 140 cm and minimum weight of 40 kg

Kids from 5 to 11 years old pay reduced rate

It is important that you present identification in the park's office ticket

 In case of not doing so, the lower rate will be applied to those who are between 1 m and 1

40 tall

 The Tobogan and Bird Flight include aquatic areas with a depth of between 1

10 m and 1

30 m

It is recommended that in these activities, children under 1

30 m tall who do not know how to swim, are accompanied by their parents

The Bird Flight activity is recommended for children over the age of five, as long as the harness fits them correctly